The photo above is from the seminar titled: "Wizard of Aha's!" 

Audiences travel to "Aha's" to discover the Knowledge (the brain) to achieve greater success; Courage (overcome fears)  to face the challenges of life; and the Passion (the heart) to reach the emerald city of their dreams. Their basket is full of immediately applicable and practical tools to continue their journey when the program concludes.   

Speaking Services


Annamarie ignites the spark and creativity within each individual with her dynamic and enthusiastic approach to life and business-- hence the name of her company… Sparkfire. While having been titled a stand up comic, Annamarie utilizes humor in every presentation, while making certain to always give of her true self. The hands on experiences she has in Escrow, Title, Real Estate and Lending Industries enhance her 25 year career as an International Motivational Speaker and Trainer. She is a frequent trainer for the American and California Escrow Associations, National and California Associations of Realtors and a multitude of industries where communication and motivation need a spark.

As a Humorist and Trainer, Annamarie has conducted workshops with several influential speakers including the legendary Coach John Wooden of UCLA, a master of motivation and Author of The Pyramid of Success. Whether it is Marketing, Sales, Communication or Team Building…Stress & Time Management or Establishing a Solid Foundation to Kick Start The New Year or a New Attitude, creatively organizing a program to meet the needs or specific theme for an organization is what she enjoys most.

Audiences recognize Annamarie for her warmth, her sense of purpose, and her humorous delivery of facts to keep the spark alive long after the seminar is over.

Please Note:

Business subjects remain with business subjects and the topic of her military experience are not shared in these forums. What is conveyed is the ability to overcome ANY obstacle that is placed in your path. The audience is provided with the tools to face all challenges that life presents. Annamarie only discusses her military experience when working in the forum where it is requested. 


No Numb Buns!

If you're tired of numb buns and drifting thoughts while attending corporate seminars and meetings, you'll enjoy my programs. Fast paced; thought provoking and highly practical are some of the comments you'll hear about my style.

I enjoy providing a program that keeps everyone sitting on the edge of their seat....hence,    

"No Numb Buns."

The experience I've gained while fighting some difficult battles in life is pretty astonishing. It's my heartfelt, sincere and humorous ability to share these stories in a style that prompts introspection and meaning. The programs are interesting, highly interactive and most certainly thought provoking. Tack on the techniques to translate stories into personalized and repeatable steps for growth and you've got yourself one valuable program.

I'm grateful to have been presented with some incredible speaking opportunities around the world. I've had the honor of working with hundreds of leading businesses and corporate leaders and I'm especially fortunate to have shared the stage with many great speakers. I'll be forever indebted to these speakers and leaders like the legendary Coach John Wooden of UCLA, author of Pyramid of Success. 



Relate - Communicate - Educate - Motivate

To hear someone say they didn't want the program to end is rewarding.

To hear someone say they had to go to the bathroom at the beginning of the program but didn't want to leave because they didn't want to miss anything....well, that's just crazy!

To hide out in the bathroom when the seminar is over, just so I could listen to the candid comments from the audience...well, that's just the truth!

To know I was able to transfer the necessary skills to overcome the unforeseen challenges in life and business to my audience....well, it's why I speak! 

Seminars - Topics and Programs

                                            Speaking in the 90's - Big Hair Days


Speaking in the 90's - Big Hair Days

Speaking in 2015 -

Cover the Gray Hair Days


All of the inspirational programs are seasoned with the topics to address the specific needs of the organization.


  • RUT - Breaking "Repetitive Unproductive Thoughts"  

  • Effective Communication & Listening Skills

  • Time & Stress Management

  • Great Customer Service for Total Satisfaction

  • Improved Attitude, Action & Accountability

  • Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication

  • Top-Notch Telephone Skills

  • E-mail Tips & Techniques 

  • Use of Positive Language & Motivational Communication

  • Team Building

  • Increasing Employee Moral


Tailored for the medical community are: 

  • Patience with Patients

  • Communicating with Compassion

  • Empathetic Communication - The "Other side of the needle"

  • Increasing Employee Moral

  • Team Building - Co-worker Empathy