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Embrace Your Phone and Stop Complaining.


Embrace Your Phone and Stop Complaining.

Please read the entire comment before you bash me.   

Tell me, have you ever had the following words come out of your mouth: "I hate the way cell phones and social media has ruined our lives."

Stop! Please just stop. Complaining about it doesn't do any good. It's not going away; the more we complain, the more we are feeding into the negative energy of our thoughts to create unhealthy stress. 

Do something about it.....embrace change. Instead of focusing on what you don't like about something, focus on what you do like.....and then control it. 

When I was in elementary school and working on my homework, I remember asking my parents a question. I was directed to the library to find the answer. One day a box of books arrived; it was the Encyclopedia Britannica. I was intrigued by the tissue paper thin pages edged in gold. Occasionally an up-date or revision came in the mail (delivered by a human and not anyone who had the last name of .com) and we would sit down together to find the page to attach the new information. Instead of having to go to the library to research the answer to my question's, I had the luxury of having research information at my fingertips. It was an antique form of Google. 

The key piece of information in the paragraph above is "sit down together." Instead of complaining about the time someone your family or friends are on their phones or computer, use it as an opportunity to connect. IT ISN'T GOING AWAY....You can't run from it, so you need to run to it. Instead of allowing technology to manage your time, try managing your time to manage technology." Through technology, the world is far more accessible and faster.

Sit with your children while they conduct research for school or ask them to do the research and bring it to you to discuss "together." Use this opportunity to talk with them on your discoveries. Go on a weekly vacation with your family or by yourself. "Google it!" Sit down and research a new place to Embrace your dreams and stop complaining.

Rephrase the way you tell your family to put down their phones. It is so much easier to understand and respect a parent when they say, "You are really important to me, please put down your phone so we can give each other the attention we deserve," rather than "Put down your phone....Now!" Evaluate the age of your children to determine if a phone is appropriate. Turn a mirror on yourself to examine the amount of time you use your phone and social media and give the focus and attention to them that they deserve. 

Set aside times to check your email, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Place a basket at the front door and certainly beside the dinner table to place phones "on silent" for the time dedicated to family. Keep your phone in your pocket or purse when you're in a restaurant or having any type of conversation. When you're in a public place, keep it on silent or vibrate. If you are expecting an important call, let the person you're with know you don't mean to be rude but you may have to answer the phone while you're together. 

Focus on the positive ways technology and social media help you to connect and not the ways it diminishes you. Control it, don't let it control you......It's an ugly monster that it's not going away. Tame it!