Part of my success in Sales and Marketing is directly attributed to a day when I stopped doing what I was doing. It was precisely when I took a moment to "pause" and analyze my practices that I was able to move forward more easily. I asked myself, "What did you do with one prospective client that allowed you to gain their trust and earn their business as compared to another prospect who you weren't able to capture"? It was clear to me that I had done specific things with the people who became a loyal client that I didn't do for the prospects who never gave me an order or made a commitment. With the prospects who I obtained as clients, I could track how I made a formal presentation; introduced them to my team; provided them with tools to increase their business and support their personal life; connected with empathy and sincerity; demonstrated my loyalty as well as a few additional key relationship activities. Upon review of the prospects I couldn't close or convert to my company, I could see the actions and steps I had overlooked and more quickly make course corrections to earn their business. 

I am no longer in Sales or Marketing but the importance of stopping and taking "pause" is crucial to my success and joy in life. Occasionally I'll catch myself feeling negative or discouraged; pressing the "pause" button on my life is more important than ever. Moments of discouragement are natural; staying in these moments to wallow is something I find to be unacceptable for my well-being. When I'm pessimistic I'll negatively impact the lives of those around me. I enjoy asking, "Annamarie, what haven't you done in your life lately that you did when you were the most joy filled, optimistic and satisfied"? I like to up-date the list of things that give me joy. Some of the things I enjoyed in the past aren't relevant to me at this stage in my life (or my body is no longer willing to move like my mind says it should). I'll ask myself, "What do enjoy Annamarie? When was the last time you did these things"? It's pretty easy for me to see the holes and voids in my life that once made me feel so much joy. The next question I ask myself is usually the most difficult. "So, Annamarie... what are you going to do about it"? 

No one else is responsible for making "me" happy or feeling joyous.....conversely, they can't make me unhappy....."Unless I let them." Their behavior or actions may have left me "with a situation" that leaves me feeling unhappy but I have the power and responsibility to counter this situation with activities that give me joy. I have heard it said that there is a big difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is an emotion and it can be temporary; joy is an attitude of the heart. Happiness is temporary while joy is a sustained feeling of pleasure about your life as a whole.

Now, I encourage you to ask yourself this: What makes YOU happy and what fills YOU with joy?.....What are YOU going to do about it? Hit pause and then PLAY!


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