I totally disagree with a radio commercial I heard the other day. The announcer claimed one of the most embarrassing moments in life is when you accidental mistake someone for someone else and you "Wave to a Stranger." Oh my goodness! If someone believes this is terribly embarrassing, they aren't putting themselves out there in life and really living.

Embarrassing is when your silk wrap-around skirt falls to the floor as you're walking by the butcher counter at the grocery store. Now that's embarrassing! Take a lesson from me. Should you ever drop your skirt or pants, quickly pick them up as if nothing has happened and continue walking. Go ahead and wave to the butchers...you'll make their day; they will be talking about you all afternoon. You'll also make the day of a stranger when you wave. Notice how big they smile as they wave back. The synapses of their brains will be firing at lightening speed while they try to remember your name. This exercise is as good as a cup of coffee for recharging their spirit; and yours! 

I'm recharging my own spirit this week with a little R&R in Lake Tahoe. My fingers are channeling the energy from these mountains to pound the keys on my computer and work on my book titled "Hollowed." I am passionate about completing my part of this project and handing it off to the editor to fix all my grammar, punctuation and writing errors.  I'm excited to share my experiences and tools to stay positive, laugh and take on the tougher moments in life. Next week my writing will be influenced by the vineyards of my home and I'll follow it up with a week of ocean breezes as they saturate my soul. I'm eager to experience the influence each of these environments will have on my writing style and ability to share.  

Now.... go drop your skirt or pants (not literally); wave to a stranger; and take on the day.