Hello there and welcome back. Oh wait, it wasn’t you who was away; it was me. I’m sorry for my absence but life threw me a little wrench and put me in the hospital for several weeks. I’m home, feeling great and happy to connect again with you. Thank you all for your subscriptions and referrals; your support and encouragement for this blog is one of the keys to the successful publishing relationship I'm developing for my book. 

     Speaking of keys… when I was young I believed keys were symbols of importance. To me, the more important you were the more keys you had hanging on your key-chain. Goodness, I believed the janitor at my elementary school was super important; he had a key to every classroom. I could hardly wait for the day my parents trusted me to have my own key to our home. Carefully stringing my first key onto a piece of emerald green yarn I stretched it over my head and proudly wore it around my neck. It was the trust and responsibility I valued more than the key itself. With age came more and more keys. I had a key to the lock on my bicycle; a key for the locker in gym class; a key for the tiny lock that held the secrets written in my private diary. Making them easier to identify as "mine," I creatively braided lanyards to organize all my keys. 

As childhood slipped away from me my view of keys changed from powerful to burdensome. My once joyful association with keys was swiftly replaced with demanding and oppressive feelings. Keys were a symbol of obligation and constraint. I recognized the need to change my perspective back to one that is positive and playful. Whenever I need to change my thought processes I reminisce and rekindle the positive emotions I have for an event or a person. I'm filled with wonder and excitement as I think back to the feeling I had as the green yarn secured the key to my body. I’m reminded how keys unlock treasure chests to reveal wonderful surprises and opportunities. Keys unlock doors to private rooms where we can meditate and seek solitude or open large places to gather with friends and family. With age and maturity I’ve discovered not all keys are visible.  For example, the key to someone’s heart comes in the form of our actions, words and deeds.

     I stumbled upon a single key in my junk drawer the other day and I have no idea what it opens. I can’t imagine why I saved it or why I didn’t attach a tag to remind me what it opened. I walked around the house pushing this key into various locks. No matter how I twisted the key, it wouldn’t work. This makes me wonder about some of the abandoned actions, words and deeds I have sitting unused within me. This neglected key reminds me to reach out with my actions; use my words to kindly touch and open the hearts of others. I'm reminded to try my key in all the locks and hearts I discover throughout each day.

    What keys have you abandoned? Pick up the actions and activities that brought you joy in the past and try them again; new treasures and opportunities are waiting to be unlocked. 

     Please continue to subscribe and share. It's anonymous and I won't know if you do or don't but thank you for your help. - Annamarie