I was full of nervous excitement when I pulled up to the group of Can-Am Spyder Ryders who regularly meets to ride together. Their website posting said they welcomed new riders who wanted to join them on an adventure. I was relishing in the emotion of feeling like a blank slate; free of baggage. Not a single person knew my name or anything about my past; nothing about my life experiences would taint them from getting to know the woman I am today. Adrenalin rushed through my body as I pulled up the face-mask on my helmet and revealed my smile to my new friends. Wanting to unfolding myself in little doses, I first extended my hand to say, “Hi, I am Annamarie”. My long hair slowly fell out and onto my shoulders as I pulled my helmet completely off to expose “just” a little more about "me".

     My body is always tethered to one medical device or another and when I’m flying on my Spyder, I’m free. I’m free of any preconceived notion of physical weakness or frailty of spirit; I am simply enjoying life. For the last three months I have been riding alone but I've wanted to travel along with others who shared this playful spirit and joy of living. After performing a safety check to head out on a beautiful ride I was reassured by my fellow travelers they would be there for me if anything happened to me or my Spyder; I already knew I’d be there for them. Meshing alongside these strangers with this special common bond was incredible. I couldn’t remember any of their names but it didn’t matter; I only needed to know when I was with them, we were one. After two hours of riding we stopped for lunch and they casually yet warmly folded me into their group. While driving back to our starting location, one by one, drivers broke off to take the exits that brought them back to their homes. When the time came for me to take my leave, I raised my left hand to wave good-by and thank them for taking me in; allowing me to leave my tethers, preconceptions and limitations behind.

     This is how all of life should be. It doesn’t matter the baggage of your past; if you’re a good person, I want to ride through this life with you. We ride as one. Each and every day, greet the people in your life with a fresh perspective; a blank slate.

Let go!

      If you know me based on who I was a year ago, you don’t know me at all. My Growth Game is Strong. Allow me to reintroduce myself. 


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