I’m not surprised with the increasing craze in America to watch Superheroes at the movies. Superheroes provide a sense of security, comfort and hope. This security is especially desired in times of turmoil. They give us a role-model and someone we want to aspire to become and emulate. The solo acts of Batman, Superman and Spider-Man have been joined by teams like The Justice League, Avengers and X-men….and don’t forget the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The frustrations of politics, war and global disrespect have us hungry for someone to swoop in and rescue us. We crave a hero to pounce on the scene and come to our defense. In the 1950’s we were fascinated by someone who could push back meteors headed on a collision course toward earth; someone to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Today we seek a team of hero’s to remove the corruption in politics while igniting the fires of empathy and morality. We crave someone to instill a compassion and benevolence to all living souls; a respect for the earth and the future generations who will live here. Where is this hero? Who are the partners that will join forces with this ordinary person who wears a costume and uses a cape? Is it you?....Are YOU the Lone Superhero? Is it me? Am I the Lone Superhero? ....Nope, it’s “US”……"We" are all capable of super acts and accomplishments when we are united. 

     Let’s make 2016 the year to find the passion and the compassion to make this world a little bit better for the future. Fuel your inner Superhero! What is your inner hero capable of accomplishing?