The fact you landed on this page is a great sign YOU WANT MORE OUT OF YOUR LIFE. CONGRATULATIONS!

     The poster telling us to “Live Like Someone Left Gate Open” is something that makes me smile. Each of our interpretations of this saying is unique and personal. For me, the translation of this statement means to live life freely, openly, and without fear. I hear this statement to say, “Be open to exploration but not with reckless abandon or without consideration of the consequences.”  Living life with an inquisitive mind and spirit provides me with a journey that is rich with both excitement AND joy. I don’t believe this saying contradicts the other saying that, “There is No Place Like Home.” Living life with an adventuresome spirit and bold attitude doesn’t mean you’re dissatisfied with your home. It doesn’t mean that you want to run away. Living with the “gate left open,” means to have an open heart and to live life free of fear.

     I’ve just returned from a special vacation where we cruised to Belize, Honduras and Cozumel. It was fun to discover and experience new cultures, environments and cuisines. I was fascinated with conversations I had with other "cruisers" from around the United States. I was surprised to meet a couple who were on their sixty-second cruise with nine more scheduled by the end of the year. It wasn’t the number of cruises they had been on that I found so intriguing; it was the fact that they NEVER get off the ship at the ports to see the country. It is the fear of the unknown and the comfort of their cabin that keeps them from venturing outside of the ship.  To this couple, the port is like the front-door on a home. They aren’t comfortable in stepping outside the front-door; let alone living like the gate is left open.

     Gates not only keep us locked inside; they keep others locked out. Our mental gates and closed-minded thoughts keep us confined. Opening our hearts and minds to discover new points of view, is also living life more fully. Open your mind to new adventures, experiences AND points of view.

     Take a moment to look at the gates that have you trapped. Ask yourself, “What would I do differently if I had the freedom to do anything at all?” "Where would I go?" "What would I experience?" "Who would I talk to?" Now, it’s important to stop and “Feel” the excitement in your body as you dream about living outside of the gate. Stop and “Feel” the lighthearted joy that fills you. This thinking promotes healing. Let your thoughts travel freely and heal.

     Live with excitement and enthusiasm….. “Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open”