Once in a while things happen in life that you shouldn't question; just ENJOY!

That's me on the left...in the blue. I'm around four years old in this photo and the girl in the right is my next door neighbor. She is only a month older than me and we remained in contact through high-school. Although our families continued to stay connected and very close, life separated us as friends. We weren't separated because of personality differences; it was just the different roads we traveled. In a lifetime, so many people come and go from our circle. Each person and the relationship we have with them influence us in different ways. Changes in our lifestyles, careers and responsibilities take us in different directions and time passes. The older I get the more I reminisce about the contacts and friendships I've had. With some friendships, it's clear as to why they ended. In other friendships I'll have to stop and think hard as to why they dissolved. I always wondered what happened to this little girl in the red cowboy outfit. Frequently I'll wonder what happened to the little girl inside of myself too. What caused me to lose some of these connections...these relationships. Thirty-six years after having contact with my little friend and just prior to moving to where I live now, I searched her out. I located her via Facebook and I told her we were moving to a small community that is about an hour away from where we grew up. This is where something amazing happened. When I shared with her the location of our new home we were both thrown back in our seats. You see, she lives in this community and lives down the road from me. It is so much fun to be able to call her up and see if she can come out to play. Sure, now we can drink a little wine and a few more lines adorn our faces but the lines don't bother us any more than the fringe that hangs from our skirts in this photo. We know they are there but they don't stop us from living. The lines around our eyes are like the maps of our lives. They show the roads we have traveled and the memories we've made. Oh yes, some of the roads entailed a detour now and then but each line is a treasure. I try to buff a few away with a moisturizer but I view each of them as an emotional souvenir. Each line is evidence of the gift of life. Every day I rediscover the little girl inside me and I'm so grateful to be able to connect with her and my little blue cowgirl friend. If you want a relationship to stay active, it needs to be nurtured. Ask the little child inside of you to come out and play. Nurture the qualities and parts of yourself and your life that you want to stay alive and active. Reminisce about joyful experiences and savor the fringe lines of experience on your face and body. Seek out new friendships so you can travel down new roads together. Welcome the childlike spirit inside yourself and if you're as lucky as me to connect with your old cowgirl friend....well, don't question it. Just ENJOY.  

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