Today I learned about the non-profit organization named Project Semicolon. The goal of the project is to restore hope and confidence in people who are troubled by addiction, depression, self-harm, and suicide. The non-profit encourages these people to draw or tattoo a semicolon on their wrist. The semicolon symbolizes that the difficulties they face are not the end but a new beginning.

This has me thinking! Many of us wear bracelets to express and support a cause.  There are bracelets to bring awareness to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's as well as various forms of cancer and a host of challenges and adversities. We often wear symbols to express our religious and spiritual beliefs.  A military uniform is not only used to identify each other as comrades but to also reflect the dedication and sacrifice they have given to our country. These bracelets and symbols are beautiful opportunities to heighten our awareness and more easily identify common bonds. We use these bonds to quickly relate and connect. When we recognize the symbol, it is as if we say, "aha, I understand you." If someone isn't wearing a bracelet or symbol, am I to assume they don't have a cause, challenge or concern? Because it isn't visible doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The stars in the sky aren't visible in the daylight but I still know they are there. 

Just as there are a limitless amount of stars in the sky, there are an unlimited amount of challenges and causes that impact each one of us. If we tried to express each and every challenge we have, some of us would be covered from head to toe with tattoos, bracelets and symbols. I encourage and endorse the power that these symbols have to help us connect with each other. It isn't enough to simply wear a symbol or to make note of what symbol someone else is wearing. Instead, please look at these visual symbols as opportunities to connect with someone and to better understand what moves and inspires them. But just because you don't see the sign doesn't mean that their challenge doesn't exist. 

We don't pick up a bracelet in the morning that expresses an emotional need where we could use some support. It's unrealistic to think of each of us putting on a bracelet that said, "I'm sad." "I'm scared." "I'm fragile." "I'm lonely." "I'm worried." "I'm disillusioned." is not unrealistic to assume that everyone can use some kindness.  

On the days when you are overflowing with kindness, I know you could use some too. I'm exactly the same. Similar to a hug, when you give kindness you'll simultaneously receive some.

It's amazing!

Please invest in a moment to look at the stars in the sky; count your blessings and share your comments with me.

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