Do you remember when our elementary school teacher divided the class in half and each side was assigned a song to sing? One half of the class was instructed to sing "Row-Row-Row Your Boat" and the half was assigned the song "Are You Sleeping Brother John?"  I remember the concentration I had to have to stay focused on the song I was assigned. Often the voices on the other side of the classroom would cause me to lose focus and start to sing their tune. Frequently we could all end up singing one song or start singing the different song than what we started. Some kids would put their hands over their hears to avoid being influenced to go off track.  This example is similar to the influence that negative voices from other people can have on us. When you're trapped by negative people, it can be difficult to stand out and sing a positive tune. Before you know it, you feel the heaviness of their attitude and chime in with their hopeless and helpless tune. Don't do it! Sing out a positive and hopeful tune and focus on what you enjoy. Seek out other positive voices and surround yourself with good energy. 

I'm tired of the negative bashing of America. That negative song that bashes politics, policies and our people. Frequently posts are made on Facebook and other social media sites that trash -talk our country. One negative comment after another without so much as a positive statement is numbing and disheartening. I fight it! Conversely, I don't support the Ostrich approach of sticking your head in the sand and pretending that problems don't exist. I support a balance; a meshing of outlooks and attitudes. Blasting our country; our politics and our people insistently, won't make your voice heard any more clearly. In fact, when you don't balance your negative voice with positive comments, your voice is viewed only as routine negativity and not constructive thought. People tire of you and will eventually avoid you all together. The negative commentary has no impact except to bring others down. Nothing positive will result.

Take a moment to look at what you do like about America....and post that thought or feeling. Post what you do like about a situation or circumstance. Let the positive voices give you perspective to make positive change for the right reasons and not simply because it's easier to complain. Seek the higher and tougher road to post constructive thoughts. It was so refreshing to have my family from Denmark visiting with me this last week. It was a joyful sound to hear them sing about the beauty of our country.....America. I heard about the friendliness and helpfulness of the American people. I listened to their admiration of our systems and policies as well as their thoughts on improvement. I enjoyed the light in their eyes as they shared their experiences of the Grand Canyon; Yosemite; Las Vegas; Los Angeles and numerous other locations across our country. They never reduced their admiration and loyalty to their own country as they talked about the challenges facing Denmark and Europe. They balanced their voices of positive and constructive views of Denmark and America. It was a wonderful reminder of how beautiful the Land of the Free and the brave really is. 

Harmony comes from a balance of tones. Think of the positive attributes you have in your life and focus on them as you constructively address the issues. Sing out in a stronger voice to share the joys you have and the blessings you've received. Drown out the negative and useless bashing of life and tell the negative influences that you're not going to sing that song. Be proud. Be strong. Be hopeful. Be constructive and not critical. With a positive voice, you'll be heard.

Please comment on what you do love about your life; your country;! What do you love about yourself and your life?