I needed a Front End Alignment…..with the oil change and lube job.

Not everyone knows this; but, I like to drive fast. Every couple of years, I’ll be traveling at high speeds when I notice a shimmy. That’s one of the first signs that I need an alignment. Some of the other signs are when I’ll hit a small bump and overreact; over-correct; and change the direction of my car. If I don’t get the car into the shop right away, the tires will wear badly and more damage will occur. Without routine maintenance, I’ll risk a tire blowing out and possibly a deadly crash. I could hurt myself and heaven forbid, kill someone else. My physical body isn’t much different. I view my body as a vehicle to carry “me” around. Although “I” am not my body, when “I” am out of alignment physically or emotionally, I will react similarly to my car. I overreact and head in a direction I hadn’t intended. My husband tells me that I have a shimmy, but it’s a little different than my car. Like my tires, I’ll wear myself down and cause unnecessary damage. I’ll overreact to little bumps and wear down my relationships while causing damage to my car; my body; “ME.” An alignment for us can be as little as getting out of our office for a quick walk or as extensive as a week on an island. Short pauses throughout the day to make slight adjustments of our attitudes can help to eliminate the overreactions. Fueling your engine with laughter and nature will extend the life of your engine. Saying that we "don't have time to take a break," is like a red light on the dashboard that warns us of an impending crash. They also call these red warning lights, "idiot lights." Let's not be one.

So, yes…I like to drive fast but I know that driving at high speeds tends to make me unaware of the little signs that indicate I’m out of balance. Unlike our cars, we only get one body. We can’t trade in our bodies like a lease return or pick up the latest model. We need to take care of the one we’ve been given. Once it’s been totaled, no insurance company can give us the money for replacement. Have you ever noticed how good you feel when your car has just been washed and polished? Have you ever noticed how much more confident you feel in driving your car when it has just been in for maintenance and an oil change?

Another point I find interesting is when we get a speeding ticket. Immediately after getting the ticket, we drive more slowly and with greater caution and concern for others. We watch our speed; check our rear view mirrors; pay close attention to other drivers around us. Then ….within a week, we forget. We are back to driving at high speeds and the sting of the ticket is but a memory; a short lived lesson.

I was in the hospital this past weekend…..let’s just say I felt my car/body shimmy a little. While there, I discovered I needed to get a front end alignment and get my priorities in place...like my diet. It is a subtle reminder that I need to slow down. “WE” need to slow down and pay closer attention to the times when we overreact; shimmy; and become out of balance. This is the only car we will receive. This is the only journey we will take on this earth and this is only vehicle we are given. Constant tune-up and alignments help us to keep our car/body in shape for when we drive fast and exceed the limits. I know I'm going to speed; it's a given. We know we are going to work too hard and indulge in areas that aren't the best for us. Tune-up's help to protect our engines...minds; hearts and spirits.

Some of us are drawn to fast cars; flashy paint jobs; fuel efficiency; European styling; truck’s; sedans; …..on and on and on. No matter what our exterior body looks like, "WE" are inside. We use each others exterior to recognize that each other is inside of that body. Are you in need of an alignment, oil change or lube job?  Take care of the body you have and keep the exterior polished but please...take the time to fuel your soul. Let the lessons learned from the traffic tickets slow you down a little longer so that you can enjoy the ride and take in the scenery.

Let’s schedule the front end alignment; lube job and oil change. Let my recent speeding ticket be a red light warning to slow down.  Enjoy the ride of life. 

Please share your comments and share the stories of how you know it's time for an alignment, oil change or lube job. If you enjoy my blog, please comment and let me know. I'd also enjoy it if you would share it with others.