Yep, I thought that would get your attention.

The other night I had a bout of insomnia and decided to sneak out of the bedroom to enjoy a warm bath. Drops of lavender oil in the water helped me to relax and quiet my mind. The room was filled with the essence of the flowers and I could feel myself settle down. My thoughts shifted quickly to concern that I'll fall to sleep in the water and drown. To counterbalance this dilemma, I decided to turn on the TV. It's amazing what programs are available at two o"clock in the morning. I stumble upon an infomercial about Adult Toys for Sex. The other infomercials to "Get rich quick"; "Speed up your cooking time"; and "Melt away your wrinkles in seconds", didn't require any explanation; however, this one did. I thought I was "somewhat" knowledgeable in this arena but some of these items were quite mystifying. I found myself slightly confused and befuddled. I had to listen closely as the host clarified some of my curiosities. Ahhh, now I understand. More than anything, what I found most amazing was the fact that all the merchandise came with a money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Wow! How on earth can they guarantee that someone will be "satisfied?" Don't people have to take responsibility for their own "satisfaction?" Unlike the other infomercials, these toys didn't offer a "free" second toy for only the additional cost of shipping and handling. There was no offer of a free Ginsu knife. I suppose that was because of the well known "Bobbitt" situation. 

Getting back to this guarantee and the point of this blog. Just as in all of life; in order to receive full satisfaction, it's up to "ME" to participate. There are no guarantees for happiness or satisfaction. There certainly are no guarantees if I'm not willing to participate fully. I hear so many people complain about their lives but aren't willing to do anything to make improvements. I think it's easier for them to complain. I've learned that I have to put myself out there and make new discoveries;  new friendships; new memories. Keeping pleasure and joy encased in a brown paper wrapper won't allow me to fully experience living. I've learned that trusting others and letting them trust me is what "living" is all about. Yes, I've had disappointments and those are the experiences from which I learn the most. I'm certain that in the future, I will have even more disappointments.....but a lot more joys.  There is a 100% guarantee that if I allow life to sit unwrapped and undiscovered, I'll be unsatisfied. 

Just as you were curious to read what I wrote and wanted to know more....unwrap the gifts that life has presented you.....Enjoy!


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