When I wear a hat, more often than not, people have said to me, "I wish I could wear a hat." I'm even more perplexed when people will say, "Annamarie, only you can get away with that." This just isn't true; everyone has a head.  

This is the message I hope to share with you through this story: When there is something you want to do.... Do it!

Fearing what others will say or what message you'll convey is crazy. When you follow your heart; your passion; and your dreams, you are "living." If you're concerned about what "others will think," I'll tell you what they are thinking. They are admiring your confidence and free spirit.

If you have ever said, "I wish I could wear hats like that."....... You can, you have a head.

"I wish I could wear pants like that.".....You can, you have a head. No, I didn't accidentally copy the sentence above. Use your head and think about your passion and desire. When you support your heart and dreams, your confidence will go up and people will be drawn to you. They will admire your truth. The more people you touch and connect with, the larger your heart will grow.  

Use your head and follow your heart.