She had no arms, one leg and no head. Every night she was dragged into my bedroom closet; this is the room where she tortured me. You see, my Mom was a seamstress. Ladies would come to our home and she would sew them dresses; make alterations; and keep me and the rest of our family well dressed. However, every night the sewing mannequin was dragged into my closet to get her out of the way and let her sleep.  

When the closet door was shut and my bedroom light was switched off, the torture began. This "thing" would chase me and hunt me made me sweat. Finally, when I couldn't take it any more; I ran out to my parents and yelled, "LET HER OUT!"  You see, from behind the closet door, she was ugly and powerful. When they opened the door and I could see it in the light, I could see it for exactly what it was.....only a mannequin.  

When left in the dark, the fears that come into our thoughts will only grow and torture us. We water them with worry and they become distorted. If I have a fear or concern, I've learned to write it down on paper and use the four step process to conquer it. No matter if the fear is about health; business; family or something else; bringing it into the light and open the door. "Let her out!"

First step: Write down my fear or concern.  When I write it down, it can't grow. This way I'm able to look at it realistically and not let my negative imagination get involved. 

Second step: Write down my "possible" concerns about this fear. "What am I specifically afraid might happen?"

Third step: To each of the "possible" concerns, I'll write down what percent am I positive this outcome will occur.  By assigning a % percentage of my convection that I know it's going to happen, I'm engaging the logical and non-emotional side of my brain.

Fourth step: For each "possible" negative outcome of this fear that I've listed, I'll write down steps and actions I can take to prevent it from occurring. Or what can I do to lessen any negative result? This helps me to feel in control and not helpless. 

(There are other steps to empower you but this is a great foundation to gain perspective and confidence)


Step 1:  Write down the fear.        "I'm afraid to travel because of my diabetes."

Step 2: Write down the possible concerns.                    Step 3: Write % it will happen

              I'll go hypoglycemic or not have any insulin.         5%

              I'll end up in a hospital that won't know how to handle me or my insulin pump.   1%

              I won't be able to eat the foods of that country/area.                3%

Step 4:  Actions I can take to prevent this fear from occurring.   (Written in a positive voice. I WILL)

              I will take plenty of glucose tablets with me; I will take plenty of insulin: I will take a new prescription with me to make certain that if I should happen to lose my insulin, I can get some at a pharmacy in that city/country; I will research the names and locations of hospitals in that area; I will bring information on insulin pumps with me to give to a hospital if necessary; I will research the foods of the area and I always know there are plenty of fruits and vegetables to eat; I will research what the foods of that country are and know what their carbohydrates are well in advance of ordering my food. 

My fear is no longer a fear because..... I have a plan and I'm in much better control.  When you do this enough times, it becomes a natural becomes a practice you'll do instinctively.                 

I'm not saying that I have no fears....believe me, "I do." I wanted to share this technique with you because I've found it helpful. It helps me to see what I can control; what I can't; and what I have to let go of. It helps me to hand over my fears to my higher authority. When in doubt.... I'll always trust him.

Let me know if this helps....and please feel comfortable in sharing your fear with me and I'm happy to work through this process with you. Maybe other posters can help.

Take care..... 


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