I’ve decided to stay in the same theme as my last blog about my car and driving fast.

When I’m speeding, I’m careful to look closely in my rear view mirror and watch for police. I continuously look back on the on-ramps to double check that there is no highway patrol waiting to catch speeders. I closely watch the distance between me and the traffic behind me. I know that if they suddenly slow down, it’s a good sign that there might be a highway patrol behind me. When they slow down, I know they must know something I don’t. I’m quite familiar with the roof line and the appearance of the patrol cars to spot their lights “before” they are flashing and pulling me over.

With all these practices in place, how did I manage to get the speeding ticket?

Several years ago, I was spending so much time looking in my rear view mirror to look out for the highway patrol that I drove right up on the guy and I passed him. Yes, I was driving too fast. He didn’t even have to turn on his lights. When I passed him, he looked over at me and made eye contact. The next thing he did was to simply hold up his hand and signal for me to pull over……YES, I got the ticket.

In addition to discovering the best traffic schools in the area to have my ticket removed from my driving record, I received many other lessons. When you spend so much time looking in the rear view mirror of your life, you miss the opportunities coming before you. “Looking” at the past is great for reviewing lessons; examining successes; and evaluating the objectives that weren’t achieved. It’s also great to look at the past to review fond memories and relive the joys of happy times. All too often we stay focused on the past and with disappointment, we compare the “good old days” with our lives of today. We long for the “way things were.”

With the changes in business, I’ll often hear people say, “I wish we could go back to the way it was. It was so much better back then.” For starters, we can never go backward in life.  Secondly, did you forget about how much you complained about the situation back then? There are many situations in life where we can reverse some of the decisions and changes we’ve made. For some situations, there is truth in the statement that, “You can change the situation and try it for a while. If you don’t like it, you can always go back.”   Even if you go back and reverse some of the choices you’ve made, you’ll always have the experience of the change. We still have the experience of the change.

As a society, technology has changed us in so many ways. Some good….some bad. Some people say that texting and email have caused us to lose human connection. In the “good old days,” we had more voice to voice and person to person conversation. In the “good old days,” times were slower. All of these comments about the “good old days,” are true; but, the ability to talk together still exists…..it wasn’t eliminated. We can still have those face to face meetings; we can still pick up the phone and talk; we can still have those walks, long talks and dinner parties. Slower days and quality time is still available. For every negative thought you have for a situation, take a moment to write down two or more positives that have come about “because” of this change or circumstance.

What are the positives that have come about because of technology?

1.       Cell phones allow us to be more safe and connected.

2.       The internet allows us to connect with more information to expand our knowledge.

3.       Technology has allowed us to discover more cures in medicine.

4.       We can alert people in the event of natural disasters and often predict danger.

5.       We discovered the importance of quiet time and the need to go inward. (You never really appreciate something until it’s gone.)…… what else are we not appreciating fully?

6.       On..and on..and on.

This technique of listing the positives of ANY situation helps me to train my attitude to see the best in life while “using” the lessons of the past. “Using” the lessons of the past and not “living” in the past will help you to enjoy the moments of today. Life doesn’t happen in the future either. It only happens now.

Live in the moment with a realistic balance of the past with hope and goals for the future. The more hopeful I am for the future, the more creative and enthusiastic I am in life.

Believe it or not, I’m grateful for the ticket. The ticket was expensive, about $500., but the value of the experience is priceless.

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Note: The next blog will be addressing “worry & stress”…..