Everybody Likes Parfaits!

Even the Donkey on Shrek knows that everybody likes parfaits. Parfaits comes in layers and everybody likes to dip down into the layers to discover all the unique flavors. Onions come in layers too! Onions generally taste the same through all the layers but the inside seems to be more tender….or is that tenderer? When I cook dinner and only need half an onion, I don’t peel off the outer layer on the half I’m not going to use. This way, the tender parts are protected until I’m ready to reveal them. As a professional speaker I reveal certain parts about my life and my character  to let you get to know me better. This knowledge helps you gain insight into my thought processes and relate to my inspirational techniques. But, just like my cooking I kept a large chunk of myself protected…..until two years ago. This is when I uncovered a tender spot in my life and revealed the particulars of the rape I endured while in the Air Force in 1977. Boy do I wish I had done this earlier in my life. Not only would I have helped thousands of others like me, I would have shared more of the unique flavors I offer the world as a person. Focusing on the positive; I’m grateful that I did it now! If you’re hiding a wounded spot or facing a challenge, please focus on the benefit you and others will receive because of your courage and revealing. Wounds don't heal well in the dark.   

This is my first blog to all of you and you can expect to see more of the onion; more of the flavorful layers that lie in my parfait. It’s my hope assist you in the discovery of the beautiful flavors that are layered within you too. I’m excited to share with you the beauty I've discovered through many challenges that have come to me in many forms. Through future posts, we will dip into the layers of optimism; enthusiasm; appreciation of life and more. I look forward to your comments, suggestions and discussions in the areas of rape in the military; cancer and other health challenges. I foresee great dialogue on techniques to improve attitude, action & accountability in our personal and professional life. I am excited to collaborate on techniques to improve our skills in business and communicating positively. So, let’s take out our spoons and dig deep into the incredible flavors of life. Because…..Everybody likes Parfaits!


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