A Rollie-Pollie Bug

When I was a little girl, my favorite insect was the Rollie-Pollie Bug. Did you know they can live up to five years? For a bug, I think that’s a long time. In times of distress, this bug curls up into a tight little ball and waits until it’s safe to open up and move on. So many predators threaten this bug, yet it doesn’t stay in the ball and hide from the world. I can personally relate to this process of curling up because I’ve done it many times myself. I still do! And…just like the Rollie-Pollie, I don’t stay in the ball. I stretch out and go on adventures.

It was a stretch for me to model in the fashion show last week. It was extremely awkward to walk down the runway to show off my clothing. As a professional speaker, it was difficult to be in front of so many people and not be allowed to talk. My insides were screaming, “Annamarie, entertain and inspire them! Start talking; they’ll understand.” I stayed in the moment and experienced the new adventure and had fun. Sure, I bit the inside of my mouth to keep quiet but it was a learning experience.

I entered into another new adventure this week. This one is to evaluate and update future insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors through a study/focus group to help future diabetes who wish to use an insulin pump. Sharing this photo of my stomach and the devices I wear to help me stay alive is another huge stretch (I am not referring to my stretch marks). Living life with all of these attachments isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t comfortable exposing them all to you. It is through this new and slightly uncomfortable stretch that I can educate people on the possibilities of life without a pancreas. (Or the nine other major organs I live without.) Unlike most Type 1 Diabetics whose pancreases failed them, I was forced into making the decision to surgically become Type 1 with the addition of not being able to absorb the nutrients from food that are necessary to live…..and yet, I live. In fact I thrive!. My body mystifies the doctors. By volunteering for studies, I provide insight into helping others live without their pancreas.

I become motivated when I ask myself “why” I want to share this with you. Along with sharing the advancements of medicine, I want to demonstrate and communicate how our attitudes can greatly impact the outcome of all situations. I want to give you hope and a better understanding of a semi-bionic life. The reasons “why” you want to do something will motivate you to come out of the ball and stretch. Of course there are times when I feel sadness, heartache and physical pain. It is when I take my attention off of those feelings and focus on “why” it’s important to reach out beyond myself that I feel better; stronger; and joyful. It is the “Why’s” of a situation that motivates and moves me outside my pain and outside the ball. “Why” do I want to share? “Why” do I want to laugh? “Why” do I want to live? Just as in business planning: When you answer the reasons “Why” you want to do something; the steps to “How” to stretch out and get it done come into view.

I think it’s good to be like a Rollie-Pollie.

Roll on and stretch!

I really look forward to your comments....