There is a "Right" way and a "Wrong" way.....but don't forget about the Fun Way!

Warmer weather is right around the corner and if you're like me, I bet you're looking forward to eating ice cream. It's when I eat ice cream that  I'm reminded of who gave me a little rebel spirit. I can blame it directly on my Mom.

When it's a really hot day and the ice cream begins to melt faster than you can eat it; why wrap the bottom of the cone with napkins? It's so much fun to bite off the bottom of the cone and suck the ice cream down from the top. Enjoy it from the bottom up! My Grandmother prohibited my Mom from sucking the drips or biting off the end of the cone. This "rule" prompted my Mom to make herself a promise. "When I have my own children, they can eat ice cream any way they want. " In fact, she taught me that the best way to eat a cone was from the bottom up. While the other kids ate their Drumstix Ice Cream cone with the chopped nuts on top by licking the vanilla ice cream from the top down; I bit off the bottom. I pushed the cream down the a funnel. It makes good sense.  Sure, I noticed the other kids eating it "up-side-down," but I liked my way too. It wasn't "Right" or "Wrong:" It was just fun.Yes, yes, yes...I understood that in public, there was a "proper" way; but it's fun to live dangerously and do it the fun way.

I had to laugh at a story I heard the other day from a friend who went to the Frozen Yogurt Shop for dessert. The store weighed the bowl of Frozen Yogurt before they paid. The server said, "This will be $2.65." My friend picked up the bowl and while eating bites of the yogurt he said, "Oh no, that's just too much." He put the bowl back on the scale and it came down to $2.25. Picking up the bowl again and taking a few more bites, he put the bowl back on the scale and the price went down to $2.00.  He said, "Now that is better. I'll pay $2.00." Now that's just "Wrong." Funny as heck and I wish I could have seen the look on the face of the server at the Yogurt Store....but it's just funny. Yes, yes, yes....he paid the $2.65 and was just playing with the server. 

Please....when you catch yourself making judgments about what is "Right" or "Wrong," take a moment to see if it's really that "serious" of an issue or maybe it's time to loosen up and have  some fun.