Coming Full Circle

It’s a good thing that the camera doesn’t show all the patches of hair I’ve pulled out of my head while building this web-page and blog. No, web-design is not currently one of my strengths; but…I’m not giving up. When I opened up the template to design this site, it was fear that stopped me dead in my tracks. The letters URL, CSS and IPS made as much sense to me as my Danish father when he wanted to convert my math homework into metrics before he could help me. Do I up-load this or down-load that?  Do I want to capture, render or reduce? Should I post, populate or ……frankly, I just want to procrastinate. It was all so unfamiliar and certainly uncomfortable. Immediately I think to call upon my son. I have relied upon him and his friend Jeff for years. I’ll just grab Austin and have him sit down with me to help. To be perfectly clear; I really want him to sit down and “just do it” for me. I wish you could have seen the look on his face when he said, “You can do this Mom. If I do it for you, how will you ever learn?”  Twenty years….Oh my Goodness, I suddenly felt as though I was tossed back in time at least 20 years. I distinctly remember sitting in the car with him as he held a broken toy in his lap. He purchased this toy with his own money and it broke before he ever had the chance to use it once. Parked in front of the variety story where he purchased the toy I said, “Go on in, I’ll wait out here in the car for you.” He was so frustrated and angry with me. We discussed “at length,” the reasons why it was important for him to return the toy himself. “You can do this Austin. If I do it for you, how will you ever learn?”

These words have now come full circle. It wasn’t easy for him to walk into the variety store at the age of eight and explain why he thought he should have a refund. I’ll tell you what…the transformation on the look on his face as he walked into the store was quite different than the look he had when he walked out. As he sat beside me in the car and counted his refund; he looked up at me with a big confident smile and said, “Thanks Mom.”

Although I could do without a few of the patches of missing hair on my head and the late night moments of pure “fascination/frustration,” I’ll continue to work on the development of this site. Yes, I know it will require a lot more tweaking; but I want to say….Thanks Austin.