Happy Mother’s Day!

I recently attended a baby shower and was amazed with all the new toys and tools available to young mothers. Geeze, there were so many gifts I had never heard of… I found myself saying, “I wish I had that when my son was a baby.” Strollers that turn into carriers then suddenly spread out and become cribs or toy trucks. It’s as if Transformers the movie merged with Little Bo Peep and Mary’s Little Lamb. The young Mother demonstrated how to push a button and suddenly it morphs into a carrying bag; pull this rod over here and now it’s a Jonny Jumper…but wait, it’s also a picnic table and bath towel filled with scents to induce sleep. When I was a young mother, I couldn’t pull the table out on the high-chair without getting pinched. I can’t imagine myself trying to figure out the complexities of these new “necessities.” I was simply excited when our son was happy with the box a gift came wrapped in….ta-da….two gifts in one! What kind of Mother would I be with the accessories of today? Confused, that’s for certain.

I know some of you have heard this story, but on this special day when we honor Mothers, it wants to be shared from my heart. This takes place when our son, Austin, was around five years old. We were remodeling our home and the family room was decorated with hammers, screw drivers and drills. I was hurrying to rush out of the house and get to work. I was begging Austin to, “Please hurry up and get out into the car” when my skirt catches the edge of a hammer and it spins around and hits me on the ankle. Dang….the only spot on my body that doesn’t have sixteen layers of fat! I get out to the car and I’m waiting and waiting….becoming more irritated with each throb I feel in my ankle. Finally, I go into the house to see what this little guy is doing that is taking so long. He is down on his knees and rummaging through the trash. “Finally,” he says. In his hand is a piece of plastic that wraps around the cheese slices that I give him for lunch. In his other hand he has an ice-cube. He wants to wrap the ice in the plastic to stop the swelling of Mommy’s ankle. I feel horrible. There I was, annoyed at the time it was taking him to get into the car, all the while he was trying to take care of me. I kicked myself over and over again for being a lousy Mother, when suddenly it hits me…. “Who taught him to put the ice in plastic?” I did.

I look at the new toys and trinkets that I wish I had when I was a young Mother, and I think of the things I could have done better... I forget to think of all the things I did “RIGHT.” Today is a good day to focus on the positives. Remember that the empty box the gift came in was the best “transformer” of imagination; Remember the times you sat with them to color on that box and turned it into whatever they wanted it to be; remember the long walks in nature that contribute to their love of life; the unlimited times we tried to answer “Why?” to the endless questions about anything and everything we experienced…

Love yourself on Mother’s Day! We dun good!