I’m going to go out on a limb….

     Today’s blog is prompted by the beautiful Christmas tree standing in the corner of my family room. In comparison to most trees, mine is small but the trunk is solid and dozens of limbs stretch out from this core. Even more branches expand from this point with needles shooting out like little bursts; bursts of hope. “Hope” is the perfect word to use when thinking about the limbs of a tree. Hope is similarly expressed when someone says, “I’m going to go out on a limb”.  There are two different interpretations for the phrase; both involve risk and hope. The first is when I go out on a limb for someone; when I'm willing to put myself in a precarious situation to help them out. It means I’m going to risk my reputation and I hope they do me proud; make me look good while they achieve their dream. The other meaning is to "take a wild guess or express an opinion that might not be shared by others".  It means I’m going take the risk and liberty to express a thought; hoping I don’t cross a line and offend someone. Risk and hope! Just like the tree, when you reach out from your core and give with heart, honesty and sincerity, it will shoot out and spread to others.

"Lighten Up and taste all that life offers."

"Lighten Up and taste all that life offers."

     Imagine all the good that will be created this holiday season if we all went out on a limb for someone else. Take a chance and help a co-worker or family member who would benefit from your support and kindness. Do this without expectation of anything in return. Do you remember when someone took a chance on you? It’s time to give back.

The meaning of “True Giving” means to give without expectation; it’s called “giving” not “trading”. Give without expectation.


Open up your arms; we are far more beautiful when we are reaching out!