I am amazed by how easy it is to get lost in the twinkle of Christmas lights. The glow from the bulbs on the tree will almost hypnotize and mesmerize me as the memories of my past swirl around in my thoughts. I catch myself smiling and feeling warm inside as I reflect on Christmases of long ago. Many of the traditions of my life can be seen around my home today; handmade and precious ornaments hang on the tree or decorate my walls. New traditions have been folded into the mix while too many of my favorite rituals have disappeared as if ticked away like the seconds of time. Why did I stop? Why did I stop making Ginger-bread cookies? Why did I stop setting up the Christmas Village and making dozens of Danish cookies or bourbon balls? Did I just get lazy? Did I stop doing all of these things because I thought no one would care? But what about me?....I cared! I remember when the mess of baking flour made the floor so slippery I had to hang on to the counter when I walked through the kitchen. I remember when the strong smell of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves was in competition with the scent of fresh pine. I remember how the beautiful feeling of exhaustion that filled my spirit, also lifted my soul.

    I WILL MAKE COOKIES TOMORROW! When our son comes home this weekend, he will make cookies with me. We WILL give cookies to our neighbors; our friends; and the hungry. I’m going to surprise strangers with cookies. I will be responsible for my own joy and remember that…..no one told me to stop.

Merry Christmas