I have wanted a scooter for over thirty years. I have “ridden” on the back of motorcycles but I have never driven one of my own. Anytime someone has mentioned a scooter, I have always said, “I want a scooter”. The fact I’ve stated my desire for so many years and never acted on it became a family joke. Everyone knew that I was afraid of getting a motorcycle license and I was afraid of tipping over. This fear kept me obligated to always be a passenger and never be in control of my destiny. If I wanted to take off and enjoy the freedom I felt while riding a scooter or motorcycle, I’d have to wait for someone else to take me.

In my last blog, I shared the story surrounding turning fifty-eight years old and the importance of a positive attitude with a vision of success. Last week, on my actual birthday, I had a good kick in the rump. I had just finished eating a large blueberry pancake at a local restaurant when I said, “I really, really want a scooter”. I asked my husband if we could test drive a scooter or one of those three-wheel motorcycles; so off we went to the motorcycle dealership. The salesman was a friendly gentleman who was a tad older than me. He had a personality that instantly makes everyone he meets, smile. However, I wasn’t smiling when he told me that a scooter wouldn’t be able to make it up the hills in my neighborhood. He went on further to tell me that a motorcycle that had enough power to make it up my hills would require a motorcycle license. He was however, able to peek my interest when he confirmed I could ride a three-wheel Spyder and didn’t need a motorcycle license. Without hesitation, I climbed on the back of the three-wheeler and scooted off with him on a test-drive. The funny part came when it was his turn to let me drive with him on the back. Nope, I’ve never driven a motorcycle. Not knowing where to put his hands, he accidentally grabbed my chest when I took off a little fast and tossed him back. That's when he made a surprising discovery. Yep, I keep my insulin pump tucked in the right side of my bra; my breast feels as hard as a rock. It has provided me with many moments of humor when it's vibrates to warn me of a low or beeps loudly for a high. The smile on my face when I returned from the test drive wasn't because of the accidental squeeze; it was because of my joy and confidence. My husband and son said they knew instantly that I was going to buy the bike.

Long story short….don’t wait. I bought the Spyder and I have had so much fun. The conversations I’ve had in parking lots with women who have always wanted to ride a motorcycle have been wonderful. The fresh air that fills my helmet is awesome; the freedom is exhilarating. Thirty years have gone by and I now ride my Spyder with only one regret; the regret of not doing it sooner. Don't wait to say, "I love you" or act on your dreams; life is short.


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