Yep…. I missed a week of writing.

When I built my website and selected the best day of the week to release my blog through social media, I opted for Tuesday. Scrunched inside a manila envelope on my desktop is an eclectic mix of topic ideas written on scraps of papers, cocktail napkins and even pieces of brown paper bags. I've maintained this folder for years in the hope to share them all with you. One by one, I review these topics and write about what inspires me. Every Tuesday I complete the blog and it’s automatically released by the site to the e-mail box of my subscribers on Wednesday morning. Last Tuesday started out like any other Tuesday but quickly went awry. Certainly you’ve had days like this and will relate to my experience. Your day is scheduled; commitments made and suddenly something happens to lead you down a most unexpected path. It’s called, “LIFE”. ..... "Life Happens". 

I started this particular morning tilted back in the dental chair. My lovely paper bib was perfectly held in place with two alligator clips and my mouth was comfortably held open wide with a sheik, black, rubber gasket. The moment I “assumed” everything was “routine”, was precisely the moment I became a victim to the reality of “Life Unexpected”. As the cotton swabs of numbing cream were placed beneath my upper lip and strategically above my front teeth, I knew this was no longer “routine”. Four hours and twenty-two squirts of Novocain later, eleven on each side of my smile, I knew for certain that my nose was no longer in the middle of my face. I discovered my upper-lip was capable of stretching far beyond anything I ever imagined. I am convinced the Dentist has a unique way to pull and stretch my upper lip over the top of my head and hold it in place with the clasp on the back of my necklace. At the age of fifty-seven, I’m pleased to learn I still have at least one body part that is extremely limber. Additionally, I’m pleased to share another discovery I made during this unexpected experience. Did you know that massive amounts of Novocain injected in your mouth will have a similar result as Botox being injected into your forehead? I want to caution you that with this technique, blinking is no longer an option. Unless the act of drooling becomes a fashion trend, I recommend you stay away from the Dentist for this procedure and stick with the Cosmetologist.

With my temporary teeth (not tooth) in place, I arrived home later than anticipated. While sipping some hot tea, imagine my surprise to have both teeth (not tooth) fall off within the first hour.  It’s now after hours for my Dentist so I was happy when another Dentist agreed to see me for an emergency visit. Upon walking into their office after a forty-five minute drive, the Office Manager insisted I was a patient of theirs who had a procedure earlier in the day. I tried to assure her it wasn’t me and I needed to fill out some paperwork and pay cash. Suddenly, she informed me there had been some misunderstanding on the phone and they couldn’t treat me. I was kindly offered a tiny package of special glue to take home and make the repair myself. Finally, I sat down to write and polish up my weekly blog but I was wearing a smile that resembled an English Hillbilly who had a long time addiction to meth that destroyed their teeth. No, it wasn't pretty. Still unable to blink, my heart was in the right place but my body and face said, “Oh Heck No!”

Like our teeth, there are days in life when our priorities need straightening too. No matter how much I “wanted” to publish my blog on schedule, I had to take care of myself first.  Instead of feeling disappointed that I missed a scheduled release, I’m encouraged I was able to listen to my needs and take care of “ME”.

Please use my experience and chew on the message I intend to share. The message is this.... “You matter”! This may be difficult to swallow, but sometimes letting deadlines go by the wayside or disappointing someone else, isn’t as important as making the priority in your life be YOU.

Glue that concept on tightly and take a good BITE DOWN ON LIFE!  

Just be careful….. On the following day, while at lunch with friends, I bit down on my sandwich and left my two teeth (not tooth) on the top of the bread. You “gotta” laugh when you pick out your teeth from the top of your lunch and put them in your wallet to be glued back in place at a later time. Yee-haw!