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The Lighter Side of Life: 

Key word here is "life."  The gift of life is something I don't take for granted. I've already exceeded the "expected" days of life that any of us hope to receive and I've pushed my limits more than a few times. Just read on to discover more.          

I think it's interesting how some of us "expect" to live to a ripe old age. Each day is a gift.... I happen to wrap mine with a bow. I love the quote from George Bernard Shaw who once said: "Life does not cease to be funny when people die, any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh." I hear this to also say, "Hard work can be fun & pleasurable and fun times can have a serious implication on our life."  I enjoy the beauty in life; all of life. I like to laugh when I learn and love while I live.

People say I'm "Straight-shooting and laugh-out-loud funny." Laughter is powerful medicine that should be administered throughout the day to prevent complications. I chug down several doses of laughter all day long and I've been known to overdose on it a time or two. This is especially true when the challenges are contained within our attitude; communication; success and especially in health. I'm happy to share strategies that create a life poised to take on all challenges while being filled with success, happiness and child-like wonderment.


The Professional Speaker, Trainer & Facilitator:

I have a “Bring it On” attitude for life that brought me through challenges in business and personal life.....leading both to great success. The timing of these challenges was instrumental for the creation of innovative programs that are easily transferred and implemented. The format is dynamic, electrifying, and humorous.

No empty hands! Supplied with the necessary skills and tools to make bold choices for success in life and business, you and your team will always leave fully equipped to become the champion of your own life.  Your meetings and conferences will be high-powered, humorous and productive! Your teams and audience will be poised to take the dreams and goals from the “ideal world” and translate them into practical steps for continued success in the “real world.”   

It is my honor to have three decades of speaking experience and expertise based upon a successful career in management; sales and marketing. Fortunately my experience is applicable to a diverse array of industries and I've had a blast exploring their needs and points of challenge and success. With my eclectic mix of skills as a stand-up comic; facilitator; international speaker; trainer/management consultant.... means I'm just the right mix of "stuff" to get your meeting or corporate event ignited with sincere inspiration. No hype or rah-rah! From the very start of your program, hearts are warmed minds are opened and a prime environment for change is created. 

Please use the "Contact" page to discover how I may assist you with your next business, community, or personal event.


My Semi-Bionic Body:

At the height of my successful career as an international motivational speaker and trainer, I was confronted with a pre-malignant cyst  and I was facing Pancreatic Cancer. I had already lost numerous family members to this cancer and time wasn't on my side. The urgency of this situation demanded me to make the choice as to how I wanted to live out the remainder of my life. I was presented with my options and allowed to decide if I was willing to live without my entire pancreas; spleen; gallbladder; 1/2 stomach, large portion of my small intestine; duodenum; liver bile ducts; uterus; ovaries and appendix. would have been easier to tell you what parts remain that to tell you what I had removed. It wasn't as if I could have these parts reconstructed or replaced. They would be GONE forever.  Needless to say, the donor card on my drivers license has been rendered mostly obsolete.  They are welcome to take any parts that happen to remain but know this, I elect to "LIVE."

You're not alone if you're thinking that it's impossible to live without your "entire" pancreas. Many health care professionals will argue the point with me too. This semi-bionic body of mine only came about after I had lived for almost a year without any food by mouth. If you thought it was difficult to stop eating potato chips after tasting only one, try cooking meals for friends and family and not being able to taste any food at all. Not fun!  

It was a rash on my skin that warned me about the tumor on my pancreas but it would take another two years for us to find it. When I developed this rash, I couldn't expose my skin to any sunshine. I love the sun! This was long before we ever knew the tumor was smack dab in the middle of my pancreas and waiting to explode. Since I was a motivational speaker, all eyes were on me to see how I would manage my own challenges. I was now in the perfect position to demonstrate that the tools I had been sharing with my audiences, really work. I had the experience of being able to "Practice what I preached." The tools for staying positive, grounded and focused were actively used in my own life; not just on the stage. Initially frustrated by the series of events, it was the practice of being more "fascinated" and less "frustrated" by all of the events of life that carried me through. 

We still hadn't discovered my tumor when my husband suggested we have my body scanned independently by a total body scanning company. They were offering a half-off special discount for a second person having the test .  The house of cards I had built around me was shaken by the news that my scan was perfectly clear but my husband was not so lucky. He was diagnosed with fast growing Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The treatment of his cancer required a two year intensive battle with ports installed directly into his chest and skull. It was right when we had him free and clear of his cancer that we discovered my tumor. I had my surgery and began working within the parameters of my new body when the cards that made up these walls of my life began to shake for another time. This wasn't going to be a physical battle; it was a battle of enormous "emotional" magnitude. A psychological EARTHQUAKE!   (Continue reading Rape in the Military to learn about the quake.)

Please use the "Contact" page if you wish to further discuss my life with this unique body. I'm open; candid; and comfortable in sharing my experiences throughout the cancer discovery process and my life without these organs. Let me know if you are in need of a speaker at your business; community or personal event. It is my joy to educate and inspire others in regards to life with physical challenges. 

Rape in the Military:

Thirty-six years after being raped while serving my country in the U.S. Air Force and wrongfully discharged, I experienced a PSYCHOLOGICAL EARTHQUAKE. I was presented with an opportunity to confront the atrocities I experienced at the age of 19. It was my time to "Right the wrong." Invigorated and strengthened by my previous challenges, I put my inspirational tools to work and took on the fight. It may have taken another two year battle but I triumphed over a system that had previously failed me. I have always been a survivor and never the victim. Click on the "Learn More" button just below to see why I'm extremely proud to say  I am a conqueror; champion and advocate.